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February 26, 2010

I missed a few people yesterday…

– If you are a switcher (PC to Mac,) I want to talk to you.
– If you are a soon to be switcher, I want to talk to you.
– If you are a downgrader (Mac to PC,) I’m sorry. I might want to talk to you anyhow.

Contact me at


iPad Colo

February 25, 2010

You can’t say that the folks over at Mac Mini Co-lo don’t have a sense of humor.

They’ve launched a website, which claims that they’re going to be running servers off of iPads. The gag is beautifully executed, all the way down to claiming that they’ll only need to plug the devices in twice per day, as they have such a long battery life. Also, they claim to have developed a solution for the fact that the iPhone OS runs only one app at a time.

iPad Co-Lo


Announcing Talking Mac with Jon Thompson

February 25, 2010

I would like to proudly announce my new online radio show “Talking Mac with Jon Thompson” heard live Tuesdays at 8PM CST on

I’m going to be talking about Macs, Mac users, iP(x) (iPhone, iPod, iPad), and iP(x) users.

The “users” part is key. If you are running your business on a Mac, I want to talk with you. If you have an interesting way you are using your iPhone, I want to talk with you. If you are a developer that has an interesting app, I want to talk with you.

So, if I’ve said “I want to talk with you”: please email me. We’ll schedule you on.

I’m excited, and a touch nervous, about this new venture. I’ve only been on the radio once in my life, so I am entering uncharted territory. I’ve got a few people lined up to work with me on occasion, and am always looking for more.


Memory and Apple revisited

February 24, 2010

Apple specifies general requirements for Mac OS X. These are minimum requirements. They are not optimal. For instance, if a computer has 5 GB of disk space, there won’t be much space for anything other than the OS, and it will certainly be bumping against 90% full hard drive. The OS will run, but not well.

For memory, I’ve recommended 2 GB as a minimum since before 10.5’s release. With 2 GB of memory, the computer will work. When 4 GB is installed, there is a clear difference in performance even for general users (web, email, iPhoto, Flash-based websites.)

Apple’s own computer configurations reflect this, with the base MacBook, and Mac Mini being equipped with 2 GB. The Mac Pro is equipped with three GB, but I think the expectation there is that you’re going to upgrade it. The MacBook Pro, and iMac are equipped with 4 GB, making them work great for most users without needing to upgrade. Finally, the MacBook Air’s 2 GB of non-upgradable memory is looking long in the tooth. Hopefully we see a product refresh soon to remedy this.

When you decide that you need a memory update, please contact Evolve. We can be your one stop shop for ordering and installing the memory.


Advanced XSan Configurations

February 11, 2010

This one will be fun. I’m not really certain what constitutes advanced in an XSan installation, I may or may not have already done some or all of it.


Entering the Expo

February 11, 2010

DNS Demystified

February 11, 2010

The first session of the week is “DNS Demystified.” All OSX systems really like Good DNS, and it has been critical for me, as your system admin, to make sure that DNS is configured properly.

It’s always good to sit in a refresher session, and any would be Mac admin needs to have a solid understanding of DNS.