Memory and Apple revisited

February 24, 2010

Apple specifies general requirements for Mac OS X. These are minimum requirements. They are not optimal. For instance, if a computer has 5 GB of disk space, there won’t be much space for anything other than the OS, and it will certainly be bumping against 90% full hard drive. The OS will run, but not well.

For memory, I’ve recommended 2 GB as a minimum since before 10.5’s release. With 2 GB of memory, the computer will work. When 4 GB is installed, there is a clear difference in performance even for general users (web, email, iPhoto, Flash-based websites.)

Apple’s own computer configurations reflect this, with the base MacBook, and Mac Mini being equipped with 2 GB. The Mac Pro is equipped with three GB, but I think the expectation there is that you’re going to upgrade it. The MacBook Pro, and iMac are equipped with 4 GB, making them work great for most users without needing to upgrade. Finally, the MacBook Air’s 2 GB of non-upgradable memory is looking long in the tooth. Hopefully we see a product refresh soon to remedy this.

When you decide that you need a memory update, please contact Evolve. We can be your one stop shop for ordering and installing the memory.


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