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No show tonight

March 30, 2010

Due to a reorganization of the management of WorldWideLocalLive, there will be no show tonight. They are in the process of building a new studio, which I have had the pleasure of assisting in designing the new Mac-based broadcasting solution. Unfortunately, other issues in the timeline have caused the cancellation of today’s shows, including Talking Mac.

We will be back next week, where I will be discussing the transition to the new station, as well as setting up and testing some of the things that will be Talking Mac specific.


Developing for the iPad vs. the iPhone

March 24, 2010

I read an interesting article from The Apple Blog talking about the difficulty that Marco Ament is having developing for the iPad.

Ament tells The Apple Blog:

It looks like Instapaper Pro, but bigger, and with slight interface tweaks and redesigns where appropriate.

When everyone else was stalling their iPhone development for months in order to redesign entire applications for the iPad, I made the obligatory cardboard prototype and mocked up a bunch of radical interface departures.

Ultimately, none of them were very practical. Some worked well, but only with ideal content (which, in practice, is rarely the case except in the Editor’s Picks folder). And I didn’t want to commit to any huge risks because I don’t have an iPad to test them on.

iPhone and iPhone 3G by Yutaka Tsutano.In other words, Ament can’t promise that his app works well, given that he doesn’t have an iPad to work with. Which brings me to the realization of the genius of Apple’s initial iPhone release. Remember, 3rd party applications were restricted to webapps for the first year. This allowed developers to get the device in their hands in a controlled fashion without having to have the large amount of security that we have seen for the third party developers large enough for Apple to send a test iPad. Realistically speaking, it is not possible to have such a release twice, so there is little choice other than the path that they are doing now- a very limited release to developers, with a test app to allow the remainder to do some preliminary development.

What this all means for the general user is this: most third party iPad apps will most likely have a beta quality interface on the day of the iPad release. Depending on the guesses made by the developer, this may be easily remedied, or take some time to get tweaked for the larger screen. I personally wouldn’t expect that 3rd party apps will truly use the larger screen well for the first few months after release. This is not to say that the release is bad, nor is it saying that the developers have much choice other than making these guesses. It just is what it is.

I just wish that Apple would have shipped an iPad to Ament.

Additional Thought

It would have been nice if Apple would have repurposed the regional test labs that they scrapped with the change in Mac Development, so that developers could use one of those labs to test their apps on an actual iPad. Of course, this would have greatly increased the number of people that had access to the device, but it would have reduced the imminent UI problems.

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano


Talking Mac podcast for episode 4

March 24, 2010

The podcast for Episode 4 is available here:

Download: Episode 4

Guest: Dr. Chad Rohlfsen, D.C. (The Spinal Tuning Center)



An open invitation

March 22, 2010

Reposted from the DMMUG mailing list, with some minor editing:

The format of topic/speaker/presentation is dead. With two meeting cancellations in a row and certainly more coming, DMMUG needs to adapt to survive.

I want to offer a new format:

Talking Mac is now live every Tuesday @8 PM on, from the Re/Max Studio in the Kaleidoscope Mall downtown.

Anyone that would like to meet and talk about Macintosh, iP(x) devices, and technology is welcome to congregate in the lobby of the studio. My show will be playing through the radio, but you are welcome to talk about whatever you wish between eight and nine.

Every week.

There’s no requirement to sign up or show up, other than the fact that the door is open*, the invitation given, and I will be there doing my show. I may pull individuals into the studio from time to time, but only if you wish to be on the show.

This is an opportunity for fans of Apple products to get together for the sake of getting together. If you choose to come once a month, great! If you choose to come more, great!

Bring a beverage, and plan on meeting friends of old and new alike.

*You’ll actually need to get into the skywalk through the partnership building (across from the Register on Locust,) as the doors to the Kaleidoscope are locked at this time.


Tomorrow on Talking Mac

March 22, 2010

We’re going to talk to Chad Rohlfsen D.C. of The Spinal Tuning Chiropractic Center. Dr. Rohlfsen is also the host of “Tuning Into Health” on, and has been a long-time Mac user.


Podcast for Episode 3

March 17, 2010

The podcast for episode 3 is available here:

Download: Episode 3


Apple posts 3G management details, more

March 12, 2010

Not only has Apple started pre-orders on the iPad, but they’ve also updated their website with information about the slim tablet.

The Mute button is dead, long live the “Screen Rotation Lock.”

First, it seems that they’ve decided to do away with the mute button, in lieu of a lock for screen rotation. Considering that most of the time that I use the mute switch is when my iPhone is in my pocket, I certainly can agree that it is not necessary on the iPad. In fact, I hope they figure out how to put a lock into the iPhone 3Gs.

Where is my alarm clock?

Next, they have added information about the default apps, as well as iBooks and iWork. The apps that we discussed on this week’s show are noticeably absent. In fact, a full list of apps shows that there are eight not represented on the iPad webpage.

iPad apps missing for unknown reasons

  • Clock
  • Compass
  • Stocks
  • Voice Memo
  • Weather

iPad apps missing because of reduced functionality

  • Camera
  • Messages
  • Phone

Settings is not listed, but appears in the Accessibility category, and looks very nice.

Single Click, Double Click. Triple Click?

Speaking of the Accessibility, it seems that Apple is going to use a triple click of the home button to allow quick access to features allowing the disabled to use the iPad.

App Detail

Apple added finer detail to the webpages of the apps that are included with the iPad.

3G, when I want it

Finally, Apple posted details how the 3G account works. First, the 250 MB account makes a lot more sense now that we know that the iPad itself is keeping track of the usage, and will warn you when you are getting near your limit. It would be nice if it just turns off the 3G when you hit 250 MB as well, but I doubt that AT&T would give up that incidental income like that. My usage on the iPhone is around 250 MB/month (I tend to be near Wi-Fi connections,) so if the same option were available, I might opt for it.

It also appears that you can sign up and cancel your agreement with AT&T through the iPad, which is interesting. I wonder if they allow the cell radio to turn on to do so on the fly.