Apple posts 3G management details, more

March 12, 2010

Not only has Apple started pre-orders on the iPad, but they’ve also updated their website with information about the slim tablet.

The Mute button is dead, long live the “Screen Rotation Lock.”

First, it seems that they’ve decided to do away with the mute button, in lieu of a lock for screen rotation. Considering that most of the time that I use the mute switch is when my iPhone is in my pocket, I certainly can agree that it is not necessary on the iPad. In fact, I hope they figure out how to put a lock into the iPhone 3Gs.

Where is my alarm clock?

Next, they have added information about the default apps, as well as iBooks and iWork. The apps that we discussed on this week’s show are noticeably absent. In fact, a full list of apps shows that there are eight not represented on the iPad webpage.

iPad apps missing for unknown reasons

  • Clock
  • Compass
  • Stocks
  • Voice Memo
  • Weather

iPad apps missing because of reduced functionality

  • Camera
  • Messages
  • Phone

Settings is not listed, but appears in the Accessibility category, and looks very nice.

Single Click, Double Click. Triple Click?

Speaking of the Accessibility, it seems that Apple is going to use a triple click of the home button to allow quick access to features allowing the disabled to use the iPad.

App Detail

Apple added finer detail to the webpages of the apps that are included with the iPad.

3G, when I want it

Finally, Apple posted details how the 3G account works. First, the 250 MB account makes a lot more sense now that we know that the iPad itself is keeping track of the usage, and will warn you when you are getting near your limit. It would be nice if it just turns off the 3G when you hit 250 MB as well, but I doubt that AT&T would give up that incidental income like that. My usage on the iPhone is around 250 MB/month (I tend to be near Wi-Fi connections,) so if the same option were available, I might opt for it.

It also appears that you can sign up and cancel your agreement with AT&T through the iPad, which is interesting. I wonder if they allow the cell radio to turn on to do so on the fly.


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