ClickToFlash Community solves YouTube problem, despite lead developer’s ailments

March 12, 2010

I’ve been a solid user of Jonathan Rentzsch’s ClickToFlash. It allows me to determine when to load Flash-based objects on a webpage, which is very nice for the longevity of my battery in my MacBook Pro. I don’t really use it as an ad suppressor, but it is a nice side effect.

Users of ClickToFlash have had a side effect lately when trying to view videos on YouTube. Instead of the video, users see a rather crude display of “Old Flash, Go Upgrade.” The interesting thing was that it was irrelevant whether the user had opted to use the HTML5 beta, so it was clear that Flash was not actually the prime issue.

Unfortunately, Jonathan has been ill as of late, which he tells us has had a negative effect on his productivity. Fortunately, ClickToFlash is open source, so four guys within the community stepped up and developed a solution to the problem, which they submitted to the core of the project. Jonathan then published their work as an official beta of ClickToFlash.

The ClickToFlash website hasn’t been updated at the time of writing; so people interested will have to download it from the downloads portion of github. Also, it is a beta, so do not use it on a critical machine.


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