iPads available for pre-order

March 12, 2010

Apple made an expected change to their online store this morning, and added the ability to pre-order the iPad. The WiFi versions will be available April 3rd, or the 5th if you cannot get a Saturday delivery. The 3G version will be available in late April, but Apple has not set a strong date.

I particularly like the 16 GB with 3G. For the type of work that I would use an iPad for, (to augment my iPhone) the 16 GB is the same as my iPhone, which I have yet to run into the ceiling of the memory. While the fact that it has 3G is nice, my interest for the 3G version is rather the GPS, as I feel that location services are becoming increasingly necessary in todays computing environments, and would not want to be limited by this deficiency in the WiFi version, as I am already in my MacBook Pro. I am fully aware that all Mac and iP(x) devices use Skyhook for location services, based on the WiFi signals around. I am also aware that the GPS in the iP(x) platform uses Assisted GPS, meaning there needs to be an active cellular signal for it to work.

However, my point is that I don’t want to be hampered by the lack of GPS. The iPad really is a new class of device, and it is yet uncertain how people will use them, and what developers have in mind for them.


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