An open invitation

March 22, 2010

Reposted from the DMMUG mailing list, with some minor editing:

The format of topic/speaker/presentation is dead. With two meeting cancellations in a row and certainly more coming, DMMUG needs to adapt to survive.

I want to offer a new format:

Talking Mac is now live every Tuesday @8 PM on worldwidelocallive.com, from the Re/Max Studio in the Kaleidoscope Mall downtown.

Anyone that would like to meet and talk about Macintosh, iP(x) devices, and technology is welcome to congregate in the lobby of the studio. My show will be playing through the radio, but you are welcome to talk about whatever you wish between eight and nine.

Every week.

There’s no requirement to sign up or show up, other than the fact that the door is open*, the invitation given, and I will be there doing my show. I may pull individuals into the studio from time to time, but only if you wish to be on the show.

This is an opportunity for fans of Apple products to get together for the sake of getting together. If you choose to come once a month, great! If you choose to come more, great!

Bring a beverage, and plan on meeting friends of old and new alike.

*You’ll actually need to get into the skywalk through the partnership building (across from the Register on Locust,) as the doors to the Kaleidoscope are locked at this time.


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