The iPad megapost

April 5, 2010

Rather than posting all weekend, I’ve built up a summary of iPad posts.

  • Apple has reported 300,000 iPads sold as of day one. Considering that this is 100,000 more than the first day of iPhone sales three years ago, I’m impressed.
  • The Scrabble iPad app has a nice feature that allows users to see their letters on an iPhone or iPod touch before playing them on the iPad-based game board. Nice if you already have all of the technology to do it.
  • Apple is apparently under reporting on the battery life. Someone finally figured out that the “under promise, over deliver” mantra applies to mobile devices too.
  • Yes, it blends.
  • iDisplay turns your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac, although reports are that it is slow.
  • You either need a Mac or the wall charger to charge your iPad. Apple has apparently modified the USB ports in all Macs to output greater power when needed. PCs need not apply.
  • Apparently the content that will output to VGA is limited
  • It will be easy to overheat your iPad in July in most of the US.
  • Finally, Apple is going to show off the features of iPhone OS 4 oh April 8th.

Photo Courtesy of Spooons


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